Your Lipstick can’t Solve Your Problems But it can Make You Look Good

Lipstick is the most essential part of makeup as without lipstick makeup can never be complete. Your face gets a whole new look when you apply lipstick. But hold on! A wrong selection of lip shade can drain your efforts put into doing your makeup. Select colors that go well with your face. Keep in mind a few points before selecting your lipstick-

Go with your skin tone

    Different shades of lipstick for various skin tones

    Have a fair idea about your skin tone that can be tan, fair, medium, deep or light. Shades that go well with light or fair tones are nudes, pink, peach, coral, reds, and dust. Girls with medium skin would look awesome if they go with berry, mauve, rose and cherry red. Deep pink, rock coral, bright red and most of the brown shades look superb on girls who have tan complexion. Deep skin shades look good with plum, purple, wine, and caramel lipsticks.

    The undertone of your skin

    Three types of undertones

    Skin undertone is different from skin tone and there are 3 common undertones which are neutral, warm and cool. Warm and cool lipsticks go well with a neutral skin undertone. Girls with warm skin undertone should opt for shades of pink and peach if they have a fair complexion. Tan complexion and warm skin undertone go best with bronze and copper shades. Those with lighter complexion and cool skin undertone can go with nude lip shades.

    Lip Shape

    Using lipstick based on your lip shape

    Girls who have heavy top lips should apply light color on the bottom lip and a darker lipstick in the same color on the top lip. Those who have heavy bottom lips can go with any color which suits their undertone along with a hint of nude in the center of the upper lip. Girls who have asymmetrical lips should not worry; just outline your lips with a lip pencil of the same shade as that of your lipstick.

    The volume of the lips

    Lipsticks with cream base to add volume

     If you have thin lips then stay away from vibrant lip shades as they will make your lips look thin. Select lipsticks with a cream base. Girls with fuller lips can go with deeper shades and must avoid shimmery shades.

    Determine your hair color

    Choosing lip shade based on hair color

     Shades with pink base go well with blonde hair and light skin tone similarly if you have darker hair and fair skin stick to cherry, plum and scarlet shades of lipstick. Tan complexion girls with dark hair can go with ochre and bronze shades. Salmon pinks, burnt sienna and coral lip shades are for girls with red hair and lighter skin tone.

    Colour of your eyes

    Different eye colors and what lipstick shade to choose

    choose browns, pinks, and reds if you have brown color eyes. Blue-eyed girls would look ravishing in scarlet and cherry lipsticks. Stick to plums and nudes if you have grey eyes.

    Some of you might have trouble determining skin tone, so in that case, just check your veins. You will have a cool undertone if your veins are purple or blue, warm undertone if your veins are green and if you can not differentiate your vein color between blue and green then you have a neutral undertone.