Step by Step guide for doing professional makeup at home

There is no doubt that makeup gives high to one’s confidence. It is not that we won't look beautiful if not applying makeup but we apply makeup to enhance our features and add glamour to our look. No matter what the day has in store for you, you can surely walk past it like a diva.

Proper application of makeup is the only key which you need to process. Over here we will help you achieve your favorite look by letting you know how to use your favorite products.

Step 1: Moisturise your face

A rose hibiscus moisturizer with coconut water

It is important to first prepare your skin for makeup. There are different kinds of products like face mists, serums, creams and lotions with which you can moisturize your face and neck. Choose products as per your skin type.

Step 2:  Use Primer

Base of foundation

Applying primer on skin forms the base for your foundation which comes after this. All the pores, lines, cracks on your skin are filled up by primer thus making your makeup smooth and long-lasting.

Step 3- Go with Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation blends with the skin properly

First thing is to choose the right shade of foundation going with your skin tone. You can apply a dash of liquid foundation over your jawline to match the shade with your skin color. Some people may apply foundation with their fingers but it is not advised as the germs can transfer from your finger to your face and lead to blackheads. Use a foundation brush or sponge for even spread.

Step 4- Concealer

Using appropriate shades of concealer

A good concealer will hide away your spots, dark circles, and blemishes. Directly apply concealer on problem areas and blend with a concealer brush.

Step 5- Its time for Face Powder

Shades of face powder to keep the makeup in place

Use a large bushy brush to apply face powder all over your face. Take a good amount of face powder onto your brush and apply it in an upward direction onto your face. Make sure you evenly apply face powder all over.

Step 6- Blush away

Rosy cheeks using various shades of blushes

Now that your base is all set, pick which color blush are you going to apply. Play with colors here but make sure it goes well with the look you want to create. Blush is applied on the upper cheekbone area of your face.

Step 6- A tap of Highlight

Three shades of shiny highlighters with fan brush

Highlighting uplifts your face and makeup. Just dab a little bit of highlighter with the help of a highlighter brush over your cheekbones, on your nose bridge, chin, center forehead and corner of your eyes.

Step7- Lipstick

A maroon transfer proof lipstick

You can first outline with a lip liner of the same shade as your lipstick and then fill your lips with lipstick. Make sure to pat away extra lipstick from your lips or you can go with transfer-proof lipsticks.

Step8- Eye shadow drama

Use the eye shadow palette for dramatic eyes

Pick one color of a couple of colors with which you want to highlight your eyelids. Make sure you are using the correct brush for a precise application. You can have smokey look, dewy eyes or bold color eyes as per your desired look.

Step 9- Line your eyes

Enhance eyes using black liner

For a perfect eye makeup apply eyeliner just where your eyelid begins. Keep the liner thick or thin as per the look you want. You can go bold with cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner as well.

Step 10- Dash of mascara

Mascara to add volume to lashes

For those thick and bright looking lashes, applying mascara is a must. Go with waterproof mascara and make sure you apply in single strokes each time. You can also use a lash curler to give a more defined look.

Step 11- Set it up with a spray

Setting spray for long lasting makeup look

Use setting spray once you are done with all the above steps to keep your make intact for long. Setting spray is like a mist spray with settles on your face and keeps you looking gorgeous for hours.