10 Products You must Have In Your Makeup Kit

It can be very confusing what to keep and what not to in your make up kit because there are thousands of different types of cosmetics and brands. So you have all the right to be confused. From lip liners to eyelash curlers, there are tons of tools and materials to make you feel overwhelmed.

The essentials to look lovely everyday

We understand that your make up kit is not space where you can fit a few galaxies. So you need a game plan to be always party-ready and keep your make up kit neat at the same time. Apart from that, there is no point in wasting money on useless items right! So here are the ten products you must have in your make up kit:

1.   LED Makeup Mirror

Yes, we know that you can use your phone or that tiny little mirror-like a pro. But do you think that’s what you need in your make up kit! LED Makeup mirror has installed tiny LED lights, which are bright enough to let you see your face correctly. So, from now onwards, you can do your makeup anywhere you want. Even inside a dark cab!

A LED makeup mirror with various functions

2.   Basic Cleanser:

Choose a cleanser as per your skin type. If your skin is dry, then do not go for soapy or foam-based ones. You can use skin wipes as well. Those are easy to carry.

3.   Skin Mask:

If you need to clean your skin deeply, like cleaning the pores and need an instant glowing face, then you should go for anti-age pore cleansing skin mask. These masks are a quick fix to remove all impurities from your skin.

4.   Foundation:

Now that your skin is clean, it’s time to use some foundation to bring more perfection in your skin tone and make it flawless. Try to apply foundation as per your skin tone and skin type. It is always a good idea to use a natural foundation which is light on your skin. Here is the perfect foundation which you can carry in your make up kit.

Choosing the right foundation for your skin

5.   Palette Blush:

Get your cheekbone highlighted with the perfect shade of blush. It is always best to choose water proof palette blush so you can combine and choose.

6.   Makeup Brushes:

Be it applying foundation evenly or applying eye shadows like a makeup artist, you need good makeup brushes. If you are using makeup and do not blend it correctly, it will look like opera makeup. You do not want that, right! So choose the right to makeup brushes from here.

Makeup brushes of various sizes for multiple uses

7.   Brush Cleaner:

Guess on Saturday night you applied a blue eye shadow, but you need to use a peach shade for Monday morning. But you do not know how to remove those sparkly blue dust shadows from the shadows. Here comes the role of a good makeup brush cleanser and drier.

8.   Lip Liner:

Keep different lip liner in your make up kit. Matt lip liners can work as lipstick as well. They are light and easy to carry. Choose your lip liner set now!

A set of lips with perfectly applied lip liner

9.   Eye Pencil:

Wearing an eyeliner can be a challenge sometimes. But eye pencils are way handier than that. Keep it to brighten up your eyes.

10.   Mascara:

Now give a finishing touch by using some mascara on your eyelashes. You are ready to rock the floor.

A before and after image of using mascara